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Boston - The Small Town With A Big Story


Steve Johnston

Following the Norman takeover, Boston expanded rapidly as a trading centre to become one of England’s most important medieval ports after London. During Victorian and Edwardian times, it was one of the UK’s more prosperous towns due in main to its industrial innovations and enterprise that included improvements in land drainage, a new dock and the arrival of the railways.

Map of medieval Boston

Medieval Boston

Map of Victorian and Edwardian Boston

Victorian & Edwardian Boston

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Historic England (Boston)

Boston in Lincolnshire is one of several historic towns identified by Historic England as meriting particular attention, to encourage people to appreciate and cherish their extraordinary heritage.

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Markets and Fairs

Boston’s annual fairs were sumptuous occasions. Lasting several days, velvet and silk, wines and spice, fish and all manner of luxury goods from Europe and further afield were traded.

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St Bolotoph's Church

Rising above the Fens, St. Botolph's is an impressive historic landmark for Boston.

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