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The Small Town With A Big Story

An online hub celebrating Boston's fascinating history

Explore Boston
an image of map of where salt extraction was carried out

Salt Extraction

Find out how important to Boston exporting salt was

Tom Lane

an image of Crowland Abbey

The Norman Takeover

Learn about the Norman Takeover that shaped the country

David Radford

an image of Boston May Fair

Markets and Fairs

Learn about the markets and fairs of Boston that can still be seen today!

Sharon Middleton

An image of the big dig 2019 at Boston's Hanse Steelyard

Boston and the Hanseatic League

Explore the powerful traiding alliance that spread across the North and Baltic Sea

Alison Fairman

an image of saint botolph's church

St Botolph’s Church

Find out about the church dedicated to St Botolph

Judy Cammack

an image of rochford tower, painted at the time of the crusade

The 1390 Crusade

Learn about the 1390 Crusade that left from Boston!

Andrew Hoyle

an image of blackfrairs theatre

The Friaries

Learn how the Friaries affected Boston

David Radford

an image of Hussey Tower

The Rebellion of 1536

Find out how the rebellion of 1536 affected Boston

Neil Wright

an old image of Saint Mary's Guildhall, in Boston

The Guilds (1260-1545)

Learn about the numerous religious Guilds within Boston

David Radford with Betty Brammer

an image of the river Witham near the Maud Foster drain

Maud Foster

Understand why the Maud Foster Drain was named after a 16th century Boston woman

Ann Carlton

an image of a ship on a stained glass window at the Boston council

Boston’s Royal Charter, 1545

Research how one of King Henry VII's charters created, the present, Boston Borough Council

Neil Wright

an image of John Foxe's House

John Foxe (1516-1587)

Explore how John Foxe influenced the development of the Church of England

Patrick Corke

an image of the Mayflower, Plymouth Mass

The Pilgrims

Learn about the Pilgrim Fathers who wanted to find religious freedom

Luke Skerritt

a portrait of Reverend John Cotton

Reverend John Cotton, (1585-1652)

Find out about one of the best-known personalities to have lived in Boston

Barry Cotton

an image of Boston Massachusetts skyline

Boston and the founding of Massachusetts

Learn about the pivitol role Boston played in the founding of Boston Massachusetts

Barry Cotton

an image of the statue of Anne Hutchinson

Anne Hutchinson (1591-1643)

Explore how Anne Hutchinson gained a public voice, to Cotton's inner circle of believers

Eve LaPlante

an image of Sir Anthony Irby

Boston and the Civil War

Learn how the Civil War shaped Boston in the 17th century

Ian Middleton

a portrait of William Stukeley

William Stukeley (1697-1765)

Research about Dr. William Stukeley, one of the founders of modern field archaeology

David Haycock

an image of the Turnpike marker on the pavement outside Cammack's Furniture Store

Turnpike Roads

Understand how Turnpike Trusts improved the quality of the roads

Neil Wright

an image of Strait Bargate, in 1910

Prosperity and Pleasure

learn how the economic prosperity of Boston from around 1760-1860, shaped Boston

Sharon Middleton

an image of Grimthorpe Castle from far away

Capability Brown (1716-1783)

Learn about Capability Brown, famous for creating landscapes, lakes and water features for the wealthy

David Radford

a portrait of Sir Joseph Banks

Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820)

Research about Sir Joseph Banks, one of the most influencial Englishman of his time

Sharon Middleton

an image of the Grand Sluice Bridge

The Grand Sluice

Find out about the Grand Sluice bridge that can still be seen in modern day Boston

Richard Austin

an image of the river Witham early in the evening

The Witham: Boston to Lincoln

Explore how the witham was fixed to allow access for sea-going vessels

Neil Wright

an image of Boston's industrial landscape

Boston Industrialised

Understand how the Industrial revolution paved the way for modern Boston

Neil Wright

an imgae of Lloyds Bank in Boston

Banking in Boston

Research about the origins of banking in Boston, possessing the first bank in Lincolnshire

Sharon Middleton

an image of the Ruston Steam Excavators cutting a new channel for the river Witham

The Straightening of the Haven

Learn about the straightening of the Haven channel, and why it was immportant

Richard Austin

an image of the South forty foot at Wyberton High Bridge

Floods and Great Drainage Schemes

Find out how the great drainage schemes help save Boston from more floods

Richard Austin

a birds eye view map of Medieval Boston

Maps of Medieval and Victorian & Edwardian Boston

Learn about the layout of Boston through the Medieval, Victorian & Edwardian era

Steve Johnston

an image of the Centenary Methodist Chapel

Non-Conformism in Boston

Learn about James I introduced measures to suppress the Puritans

Patrick Corke

an image of a steam engine in Boston train station

The Railway Town

Learn how the introduction of railways impacted Boston

Neil Wright

an image of the Herbert Ingram statue in Boston

Herbert Ingram (1811-1860)

Learn about how Herbert Ingram influenced the way news was presented

Jill Pepper

an image of the Albert Memorial

Sir George Gilbert Scott (1811-1878)

Research about the famous Victorian architect, Sir George Gilbert Scott

Andrew Hoyle

an image of the Endeavour passing Skirbeck Church

The Australian Connection

Explore how the people of Boston was involved in the exploration of Australasia

Jill Pepper

an image of Jean Inglow's house

Jean Ingelow (1820-1897)

Learn about Jean Ingelow, a novelist and poet

Jill Pepper

a portrait of Catherine Booth

Catherine Booth (1829-1890)

Find out about Catherine Booth, one of the co-founders of The Salvation Army

David Radford

an image of the Boston Dock and the river Witham looking towards the Wash

The Port of Boston

Learn about the importance of the port of Bosoton

Neil Wright

an image of fisherman in Boston landing a catch

The Deep-Sea Fishing Fleet (1885-1936)

Learn about Deep Sea Fishing Company, and the hardsips they had to overcome

Suesan Brown

an image of a boat and people going shell-fishing


Learn about the lucrative and dangerous job of retrieving shell-fish, one of Boston's earliest occupations

Suesan Brown & Shane Bagley

Johnsons seeds on a truck in front of the Queen Mary Ship

Johnson Seeds

Find out about the country's leading supplier of seeds for many years. They were even used on Wembley Satdium!

Ray Hackford

an image of the Forgarty's factory, in Boston in 2019

The Feather Industry

Research about the feather idustry in Boston, with one of the former factories still being in modern day Boston!

Robert Fleet

an portrait of Fisher Clark

Tags, Labels and Tickets

Explore one of the big businesses for Boston

John Gray

an image of Calder's Wood Yard

The Timber Trade

Learn about the pivitol part Boston played in importing and distriputing timber throughout the UK

Richard Austin

an image of the people witnessing the unveiling of the War Memorial, in 1921

Boston in the First World War

Understand how the First World War impacted Boston

Adam Cartwright

an image of the World War 2 sea bank defences in Freiston

Boston in the Second World War

Understand how Boston managed through the Second World War

Adam Cartwright

an image of the Marshall of Butterwick packing in 1964

Feeding the Nation

Learn how Boston and surrounding areas helped to feed the nation, since they were the most productive agricultural region in the UK

John Debnam

an image of the Centeral Park in Boston, in 1930

Public Parks and Spaces

Understand the role public parks and spaces played to help people, through the industrialisation of Boston

Neil Wright

an image of the RSPB 3 knot roost

The Wash and its Wildlife

Learn about the wildlife the Wash holds and how i=they are protected

Chris Andrews

an image of Boston Woodland

Boston's Country Parks and Reserves

Learn how Boston's country parks and reserves allowed them to espcape the busy life

Andrew Malkin

an image of Wilsons shop that used to be in Boston


Learn how immigration has impacted Boston throughout time

Jill Pepper

an image of The American Room within Fydell House

Fydell House and the Boston Preservation Trust

Learn about how the Fydell House was saved from demolition

David Radford

an image of Old Mother Riley

Shodfriars Hall and Old Mother Riley

Learn about the shodfriars hall, and the success of Old Mother Riley

Rob Barclay

an image of the Maud Foster Windmill

The Maud Foster Mill

Learn about Boston's great windmill, that still stands to this day!

James Waterfall

an image of Boston General Hospital

Health Care in Boston through the Ages

Learn about the healthcare in Boston, and Pilgrim Hospital the only building in Boston to rival St Botolph's church for a place in Boston's skyline

DR Martyn Walling and DR Ken Hines

an image of the 1920's Olympic Games poster

Sporting Heroes

Explore many of the sporting heros that originated from Boston, including many footballers, Olympians and ocean rowers

David Radford